What is LTL?

LTL is a term used to describe a type of transportation used just for small loads. It is appropriate anytime a delivery cannot, either in terms of weight or volume, fill a full truck. There is a particular pricing and a logistical approach that is appropriate for this kind of service. This choice is typically made when only a few pallets need to be transported.

LTL refers to maximizing deliveries and increasing a fleet's profitability while lowering operational expenses. There are transport businesses that specialize in deliveries of less than truckloads. So, LTL only applies in rare cases or can be used directly to the management and logistics process of a transport expert.

LCL, or "Less than Container Load," is the term used when transport necessitates the use of a trailer. The techniques and tools implemented are actually quite similar to freight groupage (goods). LTL is the opposite of TL (Truck Load), which involves filling the whole storage space of a truck.

Key Capabilities of LTL

When transporting goods that can be palletized and shipped together but do not occupy an entire trailer, LTL is the ideal option. Considering that LTL offers a solution for shipments of various weights and sizes.

Easier to Track

A lot of LTL carriers offer real-time tracking services, including information on shipments while they are in route for pick-ups, stop-offs, delayed status, and delivery. Different techniques can be used to trace shipments.


Today's technological improvements make processing LTL shipments for organizations easier than ever thanks to cloud-based transportation management systems (TMS).


Each time the truck makes a delivery, your products are securely wrapped and sent utilizing LTL. LTL carriers make every effort to keep your shipments safe.

Practical applications of LTL

Several organizational aspects are taken into account in the LTL logistics plan:

The volume and weight of the product.

The kind of freight: hazardous materials, pallets, food, etc.

The route set forth.

The day of delivery.

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