What is intermodal transportation ?

Freight that travels from point A to point B utilizing many modes of transportation is referred to as intermodal transport. Each of these modes of transportation has a specific provider and, thus, distinct contracts. Several carriers collaborate to do this work along the same route utilizing several modes of transportation, including trains, planes, trucks, and barges.

This mode of transportation provides a combination of ground (by truck or rail), air (by plane), water (by barge and boat), and sea transportation options (cargo). The partnership is dedicated to moving the items from point A to point B.

The task of gathering the items from the producer or industrial firm and delivering them to the final client is assigned to transporters (trucks). The supply chain will provide clients preferred long-distance transportation options, such as trains, aircraft, or boats. The products will then be delivered by vehicle to their destination from the port or train station.

Advantages of Intermodal trasportation

Less Cost

The safest mode of transportation, including for moving freight, is without a doubt rail. Other dual-purpose advantages include increased weight, a set schedule, and minimal climatic sensitivity in comparison to other modes of transportation.

Greater Capacity

Multipurpose cargo carriers can benefit from reduced costs, more predictable pricing, and the flexibility of stacking and dumping goods in a dropped trailer environment, which reduces handling costs by 15 to 18 percent.


Because there are less opportunities for theft, accidents, or damage while using intermodal transportation, safety benefits are improved. Because intermodal uses rail for the majority of the land route, the likelihood of theft is reduced.


Since trucks transfer 19.8 pounds of carbon dioxide every 100 ton-miles while trains only emit about 5.4 pounds during the same period, transporters may significantly reduce their carbon footprint by switching to multipurpose vehicles.

Features of intermodal transportation

various suppliers

Diverse transport contracts

Number of people in charge of transport

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